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Maplad is a company specialized in the production of materials and elements for underground works and, in general, the construction of high quality infrastructure. Experience and steady growth on the market have increased the Company’s know-how, which has boosted its expansion through the use of state-of-the-art technologies in the production of fiberglass profiles, concrete additives and pre-mixed cementitious products.

Maplad constantly seeks out the latest technology solutions to meet the needs of various application: from the underground works to the civil constructions to industrial applications while simultaneously managing customized design. Constant research and absolute attention to products and services’ quality aimed by the ISO 9001 certification and CE marking allowing to be partners of the major players operating in the construction industry.



Maplad offers its customers a comprehensive service aimed at the knowledge and the application of its products, through a constant and widespread support in all phases of the realization of the work: from design to installation. The service offered in the yard - the flagship of the company - is what most gratifies us.


The engineers, present in the whole national territory and in Foreign Countries the bank operates, manage to put in constant contact with the demands of the shipyard and the Technical department and laboratories, which, in turn, are able to respond in full to the needs of the customer.


The experience gained, the quality of the products, reliability of service and expertise have allowed us to Maplad to have numerous industry awards.

The choice of Maplad as your trusted partner, you will discover all the advantages of a network of assistance and consultancy of the highest order.



Every year Maplad invests a considerable part of their profit in research and innovation. In fact, there are many development projects, through which technologies and existing products are continually improved.


The quality and the avant-garde of the products Maplad are the result of economic and human resources used in the context of the research as it is for us of fundamental importance to the solution that is best suited to the problem of the customer.


Build the present thinking of the future. Fundamental to the quality of the products Maplad is the constant training and updating of staff: aspect deemed essential by the company. The factories have laboratories for chemical and mechanical equipped for the quality control on the finished product.


We cooperate also with public research institutions, universities and private individuals.


Always attentive to the problems related to environmental pollution, Maplad invests significant resources in the testing of materials, low-pollution and/or coming from the recycling of waste.



An operational area with 20,000 m2 of production facilities, continuous research activity and an absolute attention to quality have enabled us to obtain ISO 9001 and CE marking.


Maplad is in continuous development in the formulation and in the innovative research, by responding better to the needs of the market and guaranteeing the quality of the wide range of products and services offered.


The foreign operating branches make Maplad a Company with the necessary qualifications to succeed beyond the border. A choice guided by the desire to expand beyond the Italian market of products and cutting-edge materials.



Maplad is the preferred supplier of the major players operating in the world of large public and private infrastructure.


Among the works in which Maplad is present include:


Modernization of the Motorway A3 SA/RC
News S. S. 106 Jonica
The adaptation of the S. S. 117 “ Centrale Sicula” in the village of Nicosia (EN)
Adaptation of S. S. 640 “Caltanissetta-Agrigento”
Tram line to Palermo
Adaptation of the railway Palermo– Agrigento
Adaptation of the railway junction of Genoa
Adaptation of the railway Messina – Palermo
Construction of the Metro of Catania
Realization Take The Highway Catania– Siracusa
The realization of the Colle di Tenda
Line 4 of the Milan Metro
Variant to the Hub of The port of La Spezia
The third Pass of Giovi (Cociv)

In addition, the supplies are also the exclusive preserve of small and medium sized companies operating in the construction sector, telecommunications, energy, paper industry and ceramics.

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